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Google Earth Placemarks & Maps Of Malaysian Locations & Places

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Where is the place? How to get from one place to another? What are the directions? Don't have a map? You can now go straight to the website, view a satellite image overlooking the place or look at an online map (where available).
We fly you there direct. Please read the instructions & download Google Earth from here if you are a first time user.

Tip: If you are unable to recognise a place, building, street, road or location, keep Google Earth open & fire up a few more nearby places which you are familiar. This may help you figure out the relative position of the original placemark. Alternatively, select a group link highlighted in red or take a guided tour where available. More tips here.

This list is compiled from popular searches at Malaysia Central & requests received from users. Refresh the page regularly as new places are being added daily. Send requests or placemark submissions to


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Kampung Attap - Go there | Map

Kampung Baru PUTRA LRT Station - Go there | Map

KDU College - Go there | Map

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang - Go There

Kelab Aman - Go there | Map

Kelab Century Paradise, Melawati - Go there | Map

Kelab Darul Ehsan - Go there | Map

Kelab Syabas, PJ - Go there | Map

Kelana Jaya Medical Centre KJMC - Go there | Map

Kelana Seafood Center - Go there | Map

Kementerian Kerja Raya ( Works Ministry) - Go there

Kelana Square (Dataran Usahawan Kelana) - Go there | Map

Kenanga International, Jalan Sultan Ismail - Go there | Map

Kilat Stadium, TNB Pantai - Go there

KL Bird Park, Lake Gardens - Go there | Map

KL Convention Centre - Go there | Map

KL Library - Go there | Map

KL Monorail Route - Go there (with tour)

KL Plaza - Go there | Map

KL Sentral - Go there | Map

KL Tower - Go there | Map

KL Velodrome - Go there

Klang Bus Station, KL - Go there | Map

Klang Gates Dam - Go there | Map

KLCC - Go there | Map

KLIA KL International Airport, Sepang - Go there

KLIA Transit Putrajaya Terminal - Go there
KLPAC - Go there | Map

Kolam Air Panas Selayang Hot Springs - Go there | Map

Kompleks Antarabangsa - Go there | Map

Kompleks Kraf Kuala Lumpur - Go there | Map

Komplek Pejabat Damansara - Go there | Map

KOMTAR Penang - Go there

Korean Embassy, Jalan Nipah, KL - Go there | Map

Kota Damansara - Go there | Map

Kota Raya - Go there | Map

KTM Corporate Headquarters - Go there

Kuala Ampang - Go there | Map

Kuala Lumpur General Hospital - Go there | Map

Kuwait, Embassy of the State of - Go there | Map

Kwangtung Cemetery, Sungei Besi - Go there | Map

Lake Club - Go there

Lake Gardens - Go there (with tour)

Lai Meng School, Jalan Ampang - Go there | Map

Lanson Place, Jalan Ampang Hilir - Go there | Map

LCCT - Low Cost Carrier Terminal - Go there | Map & Directions

Le Coq D'or (Abandoned heritage building) - Go there

Legend Hotel, KL - Go there | Map

Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail - Go there | Map

Limkokwing University College - Go there

Little Korea, Ampang - Go there | Map

Lodge Hotel, KL - Go there | Map

Lost World Of Tambun, Ipoh - Go there

Lot 10, Bukit Bintang - Go there | Map

Low Yat Plaza - Go there | Map & Directions

Luna Bar - Go there | Map & Directions

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Related: Country Info | Places | History | Communities | Highways | Tourism | Transport | About MyCen GIS

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