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Sepet (A Review) - 23/02/05
Tags: yasmin ahmad, movie, cinema, film, local, reviews, ng choo seong, sharifah amani, linus chung

No Smoke Without Fire - 25/02/05
Tgs: haze, pollution, forest fire, fires, burning, air, rian maelzer, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos, gambar

Tigalang - 06/03/05
Tags: pak lah, cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang, excellence, empty slogans, campaign, wawasan boleh

For James - 08/03/05
Tags: remembrance, tribute

Oil Shit - 09/03/05
Tags: fuel price increase, rise, diesel, petrol, inflation, prices, spriralling, costs, naik harga

Face Off - 03/03/05
Tags: cyberwar, cyber war, indonesian, hacking, hackers, hacking, hacked, defaced, defacement, web, websites

Baffling - 19/03/05
Tags: news reporting, press, censorship, censored, softening, compliant

Can I Push In Your Stool? - 20/03/05
Tags: clubbing, nightlife, clubs, discos, patrons, gay club, party

What Really Happens In LRTs - 24/03/05
Tags: transit, passengers, civic minded, social commentary, satire, disabled

Help! The Landing Strip IS Missing!
Tags: body hair, female, pelvic, brazillian wax, ]waxing, removal, waxed, removal, genital, bikini, pubic

Aftershock - 28/03/05
Tags: earrthquake, tremors, tremours, after effects, tsunami, blogging, reports, disaster warning, alert, news, pic

Wild World - 28/03/05
Tags: pak lah, pm, ignorance, disconnect, real, reality

The Hokkiens - 11/04/05
Tags: chinese, immigrants, history, malaya, fujian, settlers, straits settlement, language, dialect, dialects, malay words

One-Eyed Jacks - 13/04/05
Tags: dpm, najib, speech, ghana, gdp, per capita income, competitiveness, development, boleh

One Night - 15/04/05
Tags: war, disaster, communication, emergency, earthquake, warning, broadcast, information dissemination system

The Report Card - 18/04/05
Tags: parliament, parliamentary, parlimen, mp, mps, member, voters, vote, elections, yb, debate, accountability

Are You Malaysian? - 20/04/05
Tags: quiz, test, mykad, citizenship, citizen, passport, identity, malaysians, satire

After The Rain - 24/04/05
Tags: raindrops, nature, colours, photography, pictorial, photoblog, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos, gambar, hujan

The Hazard - 27/04/05
Tags: driving, malaysian drivers, lights, rain, flood, floods, flooding, toll, danger, pic, picture, photo, gambar

Seeing Double Triple - 30/04/05
Tags: pooi san, traffic lights, junction, crossing, animated gif, excessive, pic, picture, photo, gambar

New Driving Test - 09/05/05
Tags: malaysian drivers, quiz, tests, ujian, pemandu

Air Tube - 11/05/05
Tags: engadget, handsfree device, handphone, cellular, mobile, safety, rubber, radiation, speaker, product review

15 Ways To Negate The Recent Fuel Price Increase - 13/05/05
Tags: petrol, prices, consumption, motoring, saving, save, mileage, hike, oil, gas, tips, driving, drive, reduce, minyak

Behind The Crimson Wall - (An 11-Part Photo Essay)
Tags: poor, poverty, urban, rural, squatters, slum, housing, living, residents, social, pics, pictures, photo, photos

Going Gaga - 19/05/05
Tags: cops, cop, career, wealth, corruption, money, million ringgit, enrichment, comparison, online calculator


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