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A Kadir Jasin - The Scribe
Anwar Ibrahim 2.0
Batu 9
Big Dog
Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin
Cuit Sikit!
Dah Ikhwan
Desiderata - YL Chong
Elizabeth Wong
James Wong Wing On
Kassim Ahmad
KTemoc Konsiders
M. Bakri Musa
Mack Zul - Brand New Malaysian
MageP's Lab - SK Thew
Mahaguru 58
Malaysia Today - Raja Petra Kamarudin, RPK (blocked)
Malaysia Today - Mirror Site / Alternative URL
Malaysian, The
Mental Jog - Lucia Lai
Politics 101
Nik Nazmi
Present Point Power
Rocky's Bru
Screenshots Jeff Ooi
Sensintrovert, The - Howsy
Seventh Rangers Mechanized
Tangents: Restless Musings Of A Malay Mind
What A Lulu
Zorro Unmasked
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Members of Parliament:
Chow Kon Yeow
Lim Kit Siang
Fong Po Kuan - Chamber Of Thoughts
Shahrir Samad
Tan Seng Giaw
Teresa Kok
more here

A Spicy Life
About Nude Not Naked
Anjali Speaks
As Suanie Sees It
Cool Catalyst
Digital Awakening, The - Peter Tan
Dr Liew
Erna Mahyuni
Eye On Everything
Fading Sanity
Gina Gets Her Groove
Limau Nipis - Nizam Zakaria
Little Girl In A Reverie
Meesh Experience, The
Midnite Lily - Zona
Narcissism Is Necessary
November Rain
Perpetual Permutating Perceptions
Pink Pau - Su Ann
Rajan Rishyakaran
Shaolin Tiger
Spankin Da Monkey - Dave Avran
There's No Blog - Visithra
Tiger's Den, The - Tiger Joe
Yvonne Foong

Malaysian Medical Resources Blog
Materia Medica Malaysiana

Cikgu Lee
Education In Malaysia

Blog Aggregators:
MyCen Blog Directory
MyCen News & Blog Aggregator
Project Petaling Street - PPS Blogtal
Sharp Bytes From Bolehland
Photo News:

CEO's / Corporate Blogs: new
AirAsia Blog
Malaysia Airlines Blog
Tony Fernandes (Air Asia)

Food Recipes & Reviews:

A Self-Proclaimed Foodaholic
Babe In The City
Eat First Think Later
Food Safari
Julie The Biscuit
Life Of A Food Lover
Little Guy Big Kitchen
Makan Kings
Malaysia Best
Memoirs of A Chocoholic
Mum Mum Eat Eat - Wena

Parody & Satire:
TV (new)
TV Smith's Dua Sen

Cedko - WK Wong & Cedric Gan
Johnny Ong
Malaysian Cartoons - Benny Loh

Kenny Sia
Like That Also Can Ah?
Stepping Aside For Reality
Wa Si Hokkien Lang

City Guide:
KL This Month

Entertainment & Arts:
Break-A-Leg - Choy Su Ling
Storyteller, The - Yasmin Ahmad
Sultan Muzaffar

Goody 2 Screws - Terrence
Kaki Cucuk Langit
Kinky Blue Fairy - Joyce
Plonk Wonk

Parenting & Family:
5Xmom - Chan Lilian
De Book Worm
Just My Lil' Organic Life - Samm
Loopy Meals - James & Mae
Mak Andeh & Brood
Pok Ku
Thinking Aloud - Min
Zara's Mama

Hustler Diaries, The
Women Only!

Shopping & Fashion:
Fashion Asia
Little Black Book
Promotions & Sales In Malaysia
Shopping With Soul Doctor

Digital Photo Tips
Every Picture Tells A Story - TV Smith
Thousand Words : Snapshots of Life

Travel & Adventure:
Pummkin's Pitch


Biz & Industry:
Asia Business Consulting
Competitive Malaysia
Ramblings of An E-Trader - Cyberpartygal

Hot Spot
Ideal Gadget
Jan In Malaysia
Liew CF
Mobile Talk

Group Blogs:
Hantu Bola
NST Jaring Monster Blog
Rojak's Daily
The Star Citizen's Blog

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