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Gold For Eight - 09/11/04
Tags: sports, olympics, medals, sukan, boleh

Kongkhi Gamas - 17/11/04
Tags: festivals, deepavali, hari raya, cny, chinese new year, kongsiraya, kongsi, vaisakhi, gawai, christmas

How Bizarre - 30/11/04
Tags: songstress, album, tracks, songs, lyrics, parody

Mallbrats - 13/12/04
Tags: mall, malls, rollershoe, rollershoes, shoe, shoes, roller, rollers, brats, kids, shopping, nuisance, danger

Tsunami - 26/11/04
Tags: reports, disaster, tragedy, blogging, bloggers, reporting, alerts, updates

Praty - 01/10/05
Tags: tsunami, prayer, party, new year celebrations, eve, countdown, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos, gambar

Sanctimoney - 07/01/05
Tags: tsunami, sanctimony, sanctimonious, old lady, disaster victim, aid, mismanagement, help, elderly

First Moment - 09/01/05
Tags: olympus, mini, myu, digital, camera, photography, accident, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos, gambar

Blackout - 13/01/05
Tags: black out, brownout, nationwide, power failue, electricity, electric, energy, national gride, tenaga, letrik

Mocking Bird Mock Cheques - 14/01/05
Tags: tsunami, charity, pledge, publicity, donation, cheques, check, mockery

Uncle Ho Cares - 17/01/05
Tags: special advisory, memo, staff, pirates, vcd, piracy, shooting, bullet-proof wear, body armour, enforcement, guns

Going Wireless (Part 1) - 18/01/05
Tags: internet access, broadband, sign-up, registration, jaring, soma, somaport, coverage, setup

Going Wireless (Part 2) - 20/01/05
Tags: internet access, broadband, jaring, soma, somaport, bandwidth, setup, speed test, wifi, w-fi, streamyx

Full Moon & A Geyser - 23/01/05
Tags: burst pipe, water, leakage, wastage, night, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos, gambar

Sharing Jaring - 30/01/05
Tags: internet access, broadband, jaring, soma, somaport, bandwidth, bluetooth, speed test, wifi, w-fi, shared

Proton Ah Beng Gen 3 - 01/02/05
Tags: lighted, spoiler, neon, flourescent, taillight, light, bumper, airfoil, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos, gambar

Figuring Figures - 02/02/05
Tags: web site, website, site statistics, analysis, sitemeter, counter, hits, visitors, logs, refferals, ip, ips

Ketipang Payung - 02/02/05
Tags: dbkl, kl, kuala lumpur, setapak, flood, flash floods, flooding, recurring, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos, gambar

A Hungry Malaysian Is An Ugly Malaysian - 07/02/05
Tags: civic mindedness, manners, table manners, cleanliness, littering, litter, kiasu, kiasuism

Silence Of The Hens - 09/02/05
Tags: animal, cruelty, slaughter, slaughterhouse, poultry, chicken, chickens, etical, huumane, cruel, pic

City Poser - 10/02/05
Tags: dataran, cat, night, street, candid, pohtography, pic, pcs, picture, photo, kuching, gambar

A Malaysian Valentine's - 14/02/05
Tags: valentines, day, presents, gift, gifts, suggestions, romance, love, chikulet, suanie

Benglish - 20/02/05
Tags: funny signs, beng, manglish, teaching, english, avairable, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos, gambar

The Magnifier - 22/02/05
Tags: windows xp, feature, aid, magnifying, magnification, test size, enlarge, accessibility, computing, pc, tips


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