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The Other Side Of Midnight - 20/05/05
Tags: ampang, ulu langat, hill, hilltop, view, skyline, kl, night, photography, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos

Spin Or Rotate - 27/05/05
Tags: game, games, jackpot, one-arm-bandit, casino, slot machine, political parties, parody

Karma & Chameleons - 31/05/05
Tags: press freedom, spin, censorship, bias, toadying, flattery, sycophant, sycophantic, praise, apple-polish

Victor's Triumph - 05/06/05
Tags: victor chin, artist, art, photography, exhibition, disabled, gallery, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos

The Scholarship Test - 10/06/05
Tags: quiz, tests, student, testing, eligibilty, scholarships, grant, education, applicant, study, loan

See Ming's Wedding - 12/06/05
Tags: see ming, sim, marriage, nuptials, matrimony, couple, temple, brickfields, luna, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos

My Baby - 24/06/05
Tags: mycen, mycentral, central, portal, growth, site, search, directory, listings, users, google, add site, submit, spider

Donald Worried No More - 10/07/05
Tags: accident, collapse, bridge, flyover, construction, negligence, nkve, newspaper, letter, apathy, pic, picture, photo

He Was There Too - 13/07/05
Tags: fat asian kid, boy, bridge, collapse, parody, spoof, pic, picture, photo

Pinning Ayah Pin - 23/07/05
Tags: friendster profile, friends, wives, polygamy, fugitive, deviationist, cult, spoof, parody

What The Fog?! - 10/08/06
Tags: smog, fogged, haze, air pollution, api, indonesia, indon, forest burning, pic, pics, picture, kl, jerebu

State Of Emergency - 11/08/05
Tags: declaration, critical, fogged, haze, air pollution, api, indonesia, indon, forest burning, jerebu, kecemasan

Fog Me Dead - 16/08/05
Tags: clear, clearing, fogged, haze, air pollution, view, kl skyline, mini genting, petting, making out, couples, jerebu

The Week In Review (ending 19th August) - 19/08/05
Tags: news commentary, snippets, gol & gincu, political dynasties, zoo, nicky, ns, datukships, choy su ling

The Naked Malayian - 23/08/05
Tags: privacy rights, personal data protection, mining, consumer, details, forms, private, confidential, info, discloure

Day & Night - 26/08/05
Tags: Tags: city, view, nightview, skyline, kl, night, photography, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos

Happy Birthday Malaysia - 30/8/05
Tags: patriotism, independence, merdeka, national day, flag, flags, flying, shredded, tattered, pride, bendera

Afterglow - 01/09/05
Tags: national day, merdeka, celebration, fireworks, photography, pic, pics, pictures, photo, photos, bunga api

Midnight Rendezvouz - 29/09/05
Tags: lim guan eng, dap, interview, politics, political, personality, kit siang, prison life, prisoner, ISA, talk, blog, oasis

I In The Sky - 03/10/05
Tags: satellite images, google earth, eye, aerial, view, kl, kuala lumpur, map, bottleneck, traffic, kenny hills, pictures

Power Of Putrajaya - 05/10/05
Tags: wastage, electricity tariff, savings, excessive, bridges, night, landmarks, lighting, pic, pics, pictures, photo

Some Things Just Take A Long Time To Change - 07/10/05
Tags: bureaucracy, red tape, government, mykad application, registration, queuing, delays, apathy, patrick teoh

The Week That Was - 09/10/05
Tags: commentary, budget, interview, opinion, newspapers, tv smith, lu sean, victor chin, patrick teoh, zona, party

Give, Gawk Or Greet - 12/10/05
Tags: beggar, beggars, begging, syndicate, panhandling, panhandler, street, disabled, pic, picture, photo

A Dog Named Boo - 17/10/05
Tags: semenyih, rubber estate, plantation, dogs, pets, animal cruelty, lu sean, pic, pics, photos

Four Bloggers & A Funeral Band - 23/10/05
Tags: october fest, 1 utama, 1u, beers, oktoberfest, zeta, jazz, music, review, pygmalion, klpac, suanie, fireangel

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