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Sightings Thumbnails: October 2007
Of Lalang And Flying Machines Of Lalang And Flying Machines (10 pics)
Sepang, 26th October 2007: With the more glamourous MotoGP going on next door, the Malaysian Motocross Championship received little attention. I usually compose the picture in my mind before arriving at a location. I envisioned a busy scene with riders flying on top of boring oil palm trees. Instead, there were few riders and plenty of lalang patches...
Tags: motorsports, motorcycling, racing, dirt bike, off-road, motorcycling, sic, riders
P. Ramlee - The Musical P. Ramlee - The Musical (12 pics)
Kuala Lumpur, 19th October 2007: At the gala preview last night, it was announced that tickets have been sold out for the entire run! Executive Producer, Tiara Jacquelina, got me a front row seat to photograph this very entertaining and stylish production. Here's a dozen pictures for those who didn't buy the tickets early...
Tags: pramlee, malay music, theatre, stage, istana budaya, show, singing, siti, legend
Nine Emperor Gods Festival - The Procession Nine Emperor Gods Festival - The Procession (10 pics)
Ampang, 17th October 2007: A colourful procession was held in conjunction with the annual Nine Emperor Gods Festival. During a dragon dance, ashes from burning jossticks behind me was stirred into a raging ash storm...
Tags: chinese, religious, temple, fire, rituals, taoists, kow wong yeah, kiew ong yah
A Different Raya A Different Raya (4 pics)
Kuala Lumpur, 13th October 2007: This Raya I visited Khalid of the Malaysian Cat Club in Kampung Baru and Bangladeshi worker Aman in Tiong Nam, for a different and unique festive experience...
Tags: ramadhan, festival, open house, celebration, holiday season, cats, visitors, bangladeshi, hari
Colours Of Ramadan Colours Of Ramadan (10 pics)
Malaysia, 12th October 2007: Colours of Ramadan is a potpourri of some of my favourite images photographed this Ramadan. A series on minarets, food and people in celebration of the festive season...
Tags: fasting, travel, colors, tradition, culture, cultural, festive, muslim, ramadhan, puasa
Sg Lembing - The Town That Stopped Ticking Sg Lembing - The Town That Stopped Ticking (10 pics)
Sg Lembing, 7th October 2007: Underneath Sg Lembing town, stood one of the world's largest and deepest underground tin mines. Tin was excavated from as deep as 700 metres, with tunnels totaling about 320 kilometres...
Tags: sungei, pahang, mining, miners, history, historical, adventure, travel, colonial, chinese
Rasa Sayang Rasa Sayang (1 pic)
Kuala Lumpur, 4th October 2007: We stole their folk song. They blanket us with haze, robbing us of blue skies and fresh air ever so often. It was reported last week that there were over 300 hotspots in Sumatra alone....
Tags: smog, air pollution, birds, pigeons, visibility, weather, indonesia, sumatra
Hand In Hand Hand In Hand (2 pics)
Kuala Lumpur, 2nd October 2007: A rare but inspiring sight. Hand in hand, religious men of different faith prayed for monks and citizens of troubled Myanmar...
Tags: religion, multifaith, inter-faith, multi-racial, islam, christianity, hinduism, sikhism, buddhism
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