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Sg Lembing
Sg Lembing - The Town That Stopped Ticking
Sg Lembing, 7th October 2007: Underneath Sg Lembing town, stood one of the world's largest and deepest underground tin mines. From the 1880's, the British-owned Pahang Consolidated Company Limited (PCCL) excavated tin from as deep as 700 metres, with tunnels totaling about 320 kilometres. Employing thousands of local workers, Sg Lembing was a rich and bustling town during its heyday.

Since the fortunes of the town was closely tied to the mines, life stopped after the company's closure in 1986. Many of the town's inhabitants moved out, businesses closed and the town fell into a spiraling decline ever since. Today, empty shops stand like eerie epitaphs for the town that was once known as the El Dorado of the East. Tour the town with this special 10-page photo essay. Next pic.
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Exposure Info: Olympus E-510, ISO 800, f6.3, 1/200 sec
Photograph, title & caption by & copyright © 2007 TV SMITH

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