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Sightings Thumbnails: November 2007
A1GP - Team Malaysia A1GP - Team Malaysia (12 pics)
Sepang, 25th November 2007: Round 3 of this season's A1GP -- the World Cup of Motorsport -- made its way to the Sepang International Circuit this weekend. I was delighted to see my friends Azrai, (bloggers) Owen and Alex and their teammates in action; up-close. It was also fascinating to see boss Jack and deputy Owen handle the team, logistics, sponsors, the media and well-wishers so coolly...
Tags: sic, track, racing, motorsports, speed, alex yoong
The All-New Honda Stream The All-New Honda Stream (3 pics)
Kuala Lumpur, 21st November 2007: Honda Malaysia launched its long-awaited All-New Honda Stream today. Kuala Lumpur, 21st November 2007: Honda Malaysia launched its long-awaited All-New Honda Stream today. The second generation of the stylish sporty 7-seater MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) uses the newly developed 1.8-liter i-VTEC engine...
Tags: car, japanese, motoring, auto, launch, new model, suv,
Night Viewty Night Viewty (5 pics)
Kuala Lumpur, 20th November 2007: Wouldn't it be convenient to have a nocturnal cam that fits in the shirt pocket while you explore the city at night? Wouldn't it be safer not carrying a big camera when venturing into the seedier side of town? From the previous post, we know the tiny Viewty excels in bright daylight but how does it perform at night?
Tags: mobile phone, cellphone, hand phone, mobile, ku990, review, test
A Date With A Viewty A Date With A Viewty (10 pics)
Hong Kong, 16th November 2007: I was at the launch of LG's new Viewty mobile phone in Macau, earlier this week. With Hong Kong only a ferry ride away, I test-drove the 5mp camera phone on the colourful streets of Kowloon and Victoria...
Tags: lg, lge, cellular, handphone, 3g, ku990, korean, cellphone, touchscreen, cam
Deepavali Devotion Deepavali Devotion (5 pics)
Kuala Lumpur, 8th November 2007: Hindu devotees throng the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple to offer their prayers on Deepavali Day. Founded in 1873, this iconic temple in Chinatown is exceptionally friendly to tourists and photographers...
Tags: indian, festival, diwali, hindus, religion, culture, prayers, landmark
The Athletes The Athletes (8 pics)
Bukit Jalil , 5th November 2007: Pole vaulter Rachel Yang Bingjie at the MAAU-NSC All-Comers' Athletic Championships. The venue and the timing of the events presented a number of interesting challenges for the photographer...
Tags: sports, sukan, track and field, runners, long jump, stadium, competition
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