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Sightings Thumbnails: February 2008
Women Power Women Power (3 pics)
Kuala Lumpur, 24th February 2008: Women may comprise half of the population but their representation in Parliament is highly disproportionate. With the trend of fielding women against women, the status quo perpetuates...
Tags: elections, nomination day, candidates, nurul izzah anwar, shahrizat jalil, carol chew, bn, pkr
Le Tour de Langkawi Le Tour de Langkawi (4 pics)
Kuala Lumpur, 17th February 2008: Perhaps it should now be called Le Tour de Anywhere But Langkawi. The eponymous venue is no longer featured in the cycling race that started in 1996. This year's race criss-crossed the country in different stages and ended in Kuala Lumpur. Photographing the event behind the cityscape required some unconventional techniques...
Tags: cycle, cyclists, bicyling, bicycles, bikes, bikers, event, cityscape, road, kl
Tun Dr Mahathir Tun Dr Mahathir (2 pics)
Gombak, 16th February 2008: It was awesome seeing the former PM getting mobbed like a teenage pop idol. As the elder statesman made his exit, hundreds of students surged towards him. They made a crushing, frenzied attempt to shake his hand and to get his autograph...
Tags: dr m, ex prime minister, students, mob, uia
Karak Lava Karak Lava (1 pic)
Karak Highway, 10th February 2008: Like molten lava flowing down a mountain, endless vehicles streamed down the Karak Highway tonight. The reverse exodus is taking place after the long Chinese New Year break. I've been to a lot of nasty places but this secluded vantage point high up on the old Bentong road is really scary. Moonshiners and car thieves...
Tags: traffic, roads, highways, congestion, hometown, holiday
A Chinese Cowgirl A Chinese Cowgirl (1 pic)
Kuala Lumpur, 8th February 2008: She is not a Country & Western singer nor a Japan GT girl. She's part of a China cultural troupe performing at the Thean Hou Temple. Like her attire, the temple's Chinese New Year celebration is a liberal mix of tradition, religion and commerce...
Tags: beauty, babe, culture, modern, cny
Happy Chinese New Year Happy Chinese New Year (1 pic)
Jenjarom, 7th February 2008: The Dong Zen Temple in Jenjarom turns into a magical wonderland every Lunar New Year. With enchanting mist, lanterns and flowers, the Buddhist landmark attracts devotees and tourists from near and far...
Tags: cny, lanterns, festival, place of attraction, worship, buddhism
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