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Sightings Thumbnails: March 2008
Earth Hour Malaysia Earth Hour Malaysia (1 pic)
Kuala Lumpur, 29th March 2008: Well done, KL. The major landmarks and corporate headquarters shone through. See any difference? None. Still, I am hoping it is ignorance rather than indifference. Big props to the other cities participating in Earth Hour's symbolic but meaningful Global Blackout...
Tags: energy, conservation, carbon emmisions, awareness, blackout, electricity
Broga Broga (10 pics)
Broga, 27th March 2008: It was like driving under a cloudless sky across the Nevada desert. Except, I was in Broga. Yesterday was one of the hottest days in a long time. The sky was in rare perfect blue as I explored the areas surrounding Semenyih and beyond. Enjoy this colourful 10-page pictorial...
Tags: negri sembilan, road trip, adventure, rural, nilai, mantin, clear weather, countryside
A Thousand Eagles A Thousand Eagles (1 pic)
Tanjung Tuan, 16th March 2008: Every March, we are blessed with the most awesome sight as migratory birds of prey make their way back to Northern China and Siberia. They make a brief stopover in our skies and greet us with a salutation dance. From Crested Honey Buzzards, Black Bazas to Arrow Chinese Goshawks, these majestic raptors glide high up in the sky with the help of hot air columns. Even our own resident White Bellied Sea Eagles showed up for this celebratory fly-by across the Straits Of Malacca...
Tags: port dickson, birding, watching, conservation, endangered, environment,
Night Of The Underdogs Night Of The Underdogs (8 pics)
Malaysia, 8th March 2008: A pictorial of some of the winning candidates and some...
Tags: elections results, winners, mp, hannah yeoh, wee choo keong, nurul, anwar ibrahim, rpk
My Ceramah Is Bigger Than Your Ceramah My Ceramah Is Bigger Than Your Ceramah (1 pic)
The opposing parties are getting very competitive as the elections campaigning draws to a close. DAP triumphed in the latest one-upmanship with a monster 70,000 crowd in Penang tonight. Like rock stars, Karpal, Kit Siang and Guan Eng wave to their ecstatic fans. Complete with rousing speeches, fireworks and a guitar solo by Jeff Ooi...
Tags: opposition, dap, campaign, crowd, speeches, votes, politics, politicians
Mosh Pitch Mosh Pitch (1 pic)
Subang Jaya, 4th March 2008: Covering the elections rallies is not exactly a walk in the park. Relentless rain, muddy grounds, huge crowds and unearthly hours. But this pales in comparison to the punishing schedule of some of the candidates...
Tags: opposition, dap, campaigning, campaign, crowd, speeches, lim kit siang, hannah yeoh
Phenomenal Phenomenal (1 pic)
Kuala Lumpur, 2nd March 2008: I have always noticed at outdoor eating places that the Chinese are the first to scurry whenever a single drop of rain is felt. It is a Chinese thing :) Tonight, at an election rally in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, thousands of Chinese not only braved the heavy rain but cheered wildly as Gobind Singh Deo, Teresa Kok, Nurul Izzah Anwar and Raja Petra Kamarudin spoke...
Tags: opposition, dap, elections, campaigning, campaign, crowd, speeches voting, voters
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