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Micro Four-Thirds interchangeable lens system camera 

Kuala Lumpur, 5th November 2009: Barely five months after the launch of the trailblazing E-P1, Olympus Malaysia unveiled the upgraded E-P2 this morning. The black-only version comes with a high resolution plug-in electronic viewfinder (VF-2). The digital port below the hotshoe can also connect to a stereo microphone (EM-1) via a EMA-1 adapter. Presumably, it can also accommodate optional accessories such as third-party GPS devices and wireless flash system (in future). The removable viewfinder is 100% view and the user can also see the effect of picture adjustments and compensation on the fly.
After trying it out briefly, I can confirm that it is large, bright, sharp and VERY useable.

Spec sheet were not given at the time of launch (see below). There is also a new AF tracking mode. Two new art filters named Diorama and Cross Process are added. HDMI playback can now be remote controlled with HDMI-CEC compliant HDTV sets. The E-P2 is expected to be in stores in December 2009.

Olympus also announced new M4/3 lenses such as the 9-18mm f4-5.6, billed as the world's smallest ultra wide lens. The new Zuiko uses the i-AF silent mechanism. The other lens is the new 14-150 zoom, also billed as the world's smallest high-power zoom. Both lenses will be available by the first half of 2010.

E-P2 body alone with VF-2 is RM 3799 (app USD 1100)
E-P2 with VF-2 and 14-42mm lens is RM 3999 (app USD 1680)
E-P2 with VF-2 and 17mm pancake lens is RM 3999 (app USD 1680)
actual street price may vary


What's a camera launch without babes? Photographed with the Olympus E-3

The New Olympus E-P2

oly ep2 specs

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