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Skeletons In The Island
Skeletons In The Island
Pulau Ketam, 2nd May 2009: Earmarked For Deportation. The villagers have been rounding up all the dogs on the island and shipping them to a deserted island. But it is no ordinary island. It is an inhabitable mangrove island with an environment so harsh that every castaway faces a horrible death. Efforts are being made to stop the deportation of more stray dogs from the adjacent village of Sg Lima.

But what about the dogs already deported?

I met up with the village head and was shocked hear that they did not even consider how the unfortunate dogs would survive. As far as they are concerned, they transferred the stray problem to another island and they need not worry about it after that. I pleaded with him to take me to the the island where they dumped the dogs. Surprisingly, he relented. No rescue attempt was previously made and I intend to do so.

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Exposure Info: Olympus E-3, ISO 100, f2.8, 1/200 sec
Photograph, title & caption by & copyright © 2009 TV SMITH

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