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MyCen Directions: Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor
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Picture Of Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor

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Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor
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Address: Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia
Postcode (Poskod): 45000 Kuala Selangor
Area: Kuala Selangor (SEL D.E.)
Jurisdiction: Majlis Daerah Kuala Selangor - MDKS (See Local Govt)

Directions: The riverine town of Kuala Selangor town can be reached via Sungai Buloh or Klang. The hill is accessible form a road towards the left of town center, when approaching from south. At one time, there was a tram service but it seems to be sensibly abandoned when I visited the place recently.

Info / Insights: Bukit Malawati is one of the best family vacation sites in Selangor. Up on the hill, there's a lighthouse, museum, antique cannons, strange boulders and a colony of rare Silvered Leaf monkeys willing to entertain you for peanuts. From there, the Straits of Melaka and the river mouth is visible. If you are lucky, catch a lovely sunset over the sparkling sea, half-concealed behind mangrove swamps. Stand under the century-old Altingsburg Lighthouse and the location where the 'new moon' is sighted when determining the beginning of Ramadan and Syawal.

Best part? Peanuts aside, everything is free and near enough for a day trip for those residing in the Klang Valley.

At the clean and tidy town below, check out the cozy 'Auntie' kopitiam (with free wi-fi) or the other interesting cafes. Depending on the time of the year, you may want to drive further up the coastal road to Sekinchan. Hidden behind the quaint little town, is a breathtaking sight of lush green padi fields growing as far as the eye can see.

Get back to Kuala Selangor as darkness sets in. See the twinkling fireflies nearby or dine at the many seafood restaurants along the Sungai Selangor. You will start to wonder why the whole area is so underrated, under-appreciated and under-promoted.

See also: A Monkey's Last Stand by TV Smith

Nearby Landmarks: Kuala Selangor Lighthouse (Rumah Api Kuala Selangor), Tempat Mencerap Anak Bulan (Place for Sighting New Moon), Kuala Selangor Museam, Kota Malawati (Fort), Royal Mausoleum, Kampung Kuantan Fireflies (Kelip Kelip) Colony.

Surroundings: Tesco, Ijok, Jalan Rawang, Kampung Kuantan, Ijok, Tanjong Karang, Sekinchan, Klang, Kundang, Tasik Biru, Kuang, Rawang, Sungei Buloh, Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE), Banting, Morib,
(use zoom and navigation buttons on top left of map to explore)

Nearest Police Station: Balai Polis Kuala Selangor, Tel: 03 3289 1222
Distance: About 70 km from KLCC via Sungai Buloh
GPS Coordinates: N3 20.483 E101 14.683
Position on Google Earth:
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