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Sightings Thumbnails: July 2008
The Feast of St Anne The Feast of St Anne (3 pics)
Bukit Mertajam, 28th July 2008: Hundreds of thousands of Christian pilgrims from Malaysia and abroad congregated at St Anne's Sanctuary to perform prayer rituals in honour of the patron saint. This Catholic landmark began life as a little chapel in 1846. During the annual event, devotees transformed the grounds into a magical sea of lights...
Tags: penang, mainland, religion, christianity, church, mass, festival, fest
Power From Coal Power From Coal (10 pics)
Manjung, 21st July 2008: Standing tall on a man-made island near Pangkor, the Janamanjung is TNB's flagship coal-fired power station. When gas prices became increasingly volatile, TNB turned to coal to reduce its dependence on a single thermal type source. Older coal powered stations are considered inefficient and polluting. So how do they do it?...
Tags: perak, national grid, alternative fuel, generation, plant, lumut, perak, tenaga nasional
Protes In Kelana Jaya Protes In Kelana Jaya (4 pics)
Kelana Jaya, 6th July 2008: Like a skilled conductor, Anwar Ibrahim whipped the stadium into a frenzy. Attendance was way less than the one million advertised but the fuel price hike protest proceeded almost peacefully...
Tags: opposition, pkr, politician, rally, issues, oil prices increase, crowd, harga minyak
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