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Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti
Healthy, tasty snack that you can personalise yourself

Tutti Frutti
Joint Group Executive Chairman, Naza Group, S.M. Nasarudin S.M. Nasimuddin loving hisTutti Frutti

A-wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop-bam-boo Tutti Frutti...

Kuala Lumpur, 23rd July, 2009 – Tutti Frutti the popular American self-serve, soft-serve frozen yogurt snack will kick off with 5 flagship stores in Kuala Lumpur come September. Well Springs Inc and Naza Group just signed an agreement yesterday in which the latter becomes the master license holder for Tutti Frutti soft serve frozen yogurt in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and India.

At the outlets, consumers can dispense the yogurt themselves by choosing from 18 all-natural flavours, garnish it with a choice of 32 delicious toppings, and then pay according to weight. Entrepreneurs interested in running their own Tutti Frutti outlets can do so under an attractive franchise programme.

According to Jay Kim, President of Well Springs Inc, Tutti Frutti which originated in the US, has 47 outlets in four countries across the world currently.

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