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A Fisherman's Delayed Sexual Awakening

Fisherman & The Sea
From dead wife to "dead" prostitute


The Elephant and the Sea DVD released

Kuala Lumpur, 20th November, 2008: The international and uncensored version of the multiple-award winning film, THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA, is now available to own on DVD. The film, written and directed by Woo Ming Jin, has traveled in more than 30 international film festivals and is a favorite among film critics around the world. In a glowing film review by Variety, the film is praised as 'the work of a striking new voice on the East Asian film scene'. The Elephant and the sea is produced by Greenlight Pictures and distributed by Da Huang Pictures.

Cast: Berg Lee, Chung Kok Keong, Ng Meng Hui, Tan Chui Mui
Director: Woo Ming Jin
Produced by: Woo Ming Jin and Tomoko Ueda
Co-produced by: Edmund Yeo

The Elephant and the Sea follows the lives of two individuals in the aftermath of a water borne disease that strikes their fishing village. Has there been a disaster? A deadly epidemic?

A week after the disease takes the life of his wife, Ah Ngau, a fisherman by trade, is sent home with $300 in aid from the government and a cardboard box of useless ''donations'' from the public. Instead of grieving for his wife, Ah Ngau appears to have found a new sense of freedom, meeting a prostitute and experiencing a long delayed sexual awakening.

Yun Ding makes a living doing an assortment of odd jobs, following his “big brother” Long Chai around. Mostly they cheat and hustle their way around, living off the naiveté of the public. When Long Chai succumbs to the disease, Ding has to make it on his own. But can a person with no direction in his life find something to hold on to?

An intriguing tragic comedy about the isolation of the human condition.

Best Film - Lisbon Village Film Festival 2008
Special Jury Prize - Torino International Film Festival 2007
Best Director Award - Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival 2007
Critics Award - Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival 2007
Best Director - Diba Barcelona Film Festival, Spain 2008

Film Trailer

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Da Huang Pictures Sdn Bhd
4 Lorong SS1/20A,
Kg Tunku, Petaling Jaya,
47300 Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03 7877 3014
Fax: 03 7877 8014

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