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Robot Kicks Balls In One Utama

Ah Si Moh picture and report by & © TV Smith

Midget astronaut wearing a backpack thrills shoppers 

Petaling Jaya, 14th November, 2008 – ASIMO the humanoid robot created by Honda made an appearance at One Utama to show off some nifty party tricks. Born in the year 2000, it can now run, kick balls, serve tea and even conduct an orchestra. ASIMO the robot, would you believe it, performed a robot dance like how Michael Jackson did when he was in KL. Sadly, like Mike, it is stuck with an annoying shrill voice. With that kind of voice, it won't be commanding RM 8000 an hour for lectures.

ASIMO is the acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative MObility and is not, as widely believed, to be the Japanese Engrish spelling of science fiction writer Asimov. His grandfather, the first Humanoid Prototype unveiled in 1993, was sold to a half-cut shop after crashing into a wall. The current version is fitted with advanced technology to recognise faces, moving objects, postures, environment and more.

Ah Si Moh (as how Malaysians pronounced it) will be on a road show throughout Malaysia. Most Japanese pronounced it Ashimo.

For more info on ASIMO, please visit

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