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A Highpoint In The History Of Malaysian Motorsport

A1 Team Malaysia
Go Fairuz Go!

Historic time in Malaysian Motorsport 

Kuala Lumpur, 12th November, 2008 – With just over a week to go to the fourth annual A1GP World Cup of Motorsport event at Sepang International Circuit, A1 Team Malaysia would like to point out some interesting facts:

•   A1 Team Malaysia is leading the A1GP championship by 5 points

•   A1 Team Malaysia is the first team in the history of the series to be arriving on home territory for an     A1GP race, whilst leading the championship

•   A1 Team Malaysia leads the championship in competition with the most powerful and experienced     motorsport nations on earth

•   A1 Team Malaysia won the award for ''best supported A1 Team in the world as voted for by fans'' in     May 2008


•   A1 Team (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd proudly represents all Malaysians from all walks of life

These combine to make this a truly historic time in Malaysian Motorsport.

Visit the team at

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